Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hi, My Body is a Rollercoaster.

Oh my heck, this is HARD work, you know- this whole losing weight thing. I have been eating clean/healthy and watching my calorie intake and working out faithfully for a good 6 weeks now.  The first couple of weeks the pounds were melting off, I think I lost 13 pounds in the first couple of weeks.  I kept thinking, wow!  This is actually easier than I thought, I should be at my goal weight in no time!  And then....a few weeks in, I actually started to GAIN weight.  Like 5 pounds worth! Wha?? I hadn't changed my diet, or my exercise routine.  Was I gaining muscle mass?  Maybe. But it was frustrating as heck.  I have been working SO hard.  It is not easy to stay this disciplined, trust me.  No dessert, no sugar, no chips, nothing!  Working out HARD every day of the week...there are days I would much rather be LAZY, trust me.  There were days where I was moody and grouchy and NEEDED a candy bar, but didn't give in.

What makes this time different though, is that I didn't give up. Even though the scale was laughing at me, I didn't give in like I had in the past.  "Well, this isn't working, so pass me the pizza" was the attitude I would have in the past.  I kept on keeping on!  So here I am, and whatever the reason I gained that five pounds, I have now lost all 5 of them. It took a week and a half. I am still holding strong at 190.  Still down 12 pounds from when I started, which is still a big deal.  It is SUCH a rollercoaster, this weight loss thing.  You can be doing the same thing day in and day out, and your body still reacts differently.  Some days you need more calories, some day you need less, some days you retain water, the next day you don't. It's hard knowing the right thing to do. Our bodies are such complicated things!!  (Or maybe just mine is?!)  I guess the most important thing is that I FEEL so much stronger, I have more energy, and my clothes fit better.  I am starting to see "definition" in some of my muscles!  That's really my ultimate goal.  To achieve optimum health for my age and situation.  What obstacles have you come across while losing weight/trying to get healthy.  How do YOU overcome them?  No, seriously, I need all the help I can get.

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helgaruth said...

I am also struggling with the packing on weight thing. I know that IS am not being as good about my diet. This week I am really trying to up my game by eating clean and adding to my work outs. My motivation is not the scale, it's my energy levels and it's not feeling weighed down by a crappy diet. That means that eating enough of the good stuff is just as important as not eating the bad stuff. I am loving that IS sleep well at night and wake up rested. Best of all my blood sugar and blood pressure are both doing very well. If I don't exercise daily I miss out on that benefit. I have struggled long enough with both conditions that I absolutely feel the difference. Keep up the great work - your journey is inspiring to me!