Sunday, September 27, 2009

Don't ever wear a pencil skirt to Walgreen's

So, yesterday evening on the way home from Women's Conference, I thought I would stop at Walgreen's for some milk. (My kids freak out on Sunday's when we run out of something and I won't go to the store). BIG mistake. First, I already felt weird about walking in to Walgreen's wearing my Sunday best. It's just not the kind of place you neccesarily want to stand out on a Saturday night. I quickly walked to the back to get some milk, and joined the five other people standing in line - when all of a sudden I hear "OH MY GOSH!!!! I LOVE your outfit!!!" I look over to see a cutesy store clerk staring in my direction, along with five pairs of eyes who didn't know I existed until that moment. "Thanks", I mutter, feeling a sudden urge to run out the doors. If that wasn't bad enough, she continues! "Seriously! LOVE that skirt, oh my gosh, can you turn around? Does it have a slit in the back? Is that a pencil skirt?!" "I guess so", I say, giving her a polite smile, with a slight look of warning...."Oh, and those SHOES, soooo cute!! Seriously!" Did I mention 4 pairs of eyes are still staring at me (thankfully one person has left by now). Then, the clerk yells two aisles over! "Hey, Donna! Come see this girl! (Another store clerk rounds the corner) Isn't her outfit SO cute?!" Really, this was overkill. The other store clerk nods. Feeling somehow victimized, I pay for my milk, and run out the door, before she can say another word! It was nice to receive the compliment, but one of those times where you really wish you just hadn't received one at all! Anyway, the moral of my story is, NEVER wear a pencil skirt to Walgreen's. Or heels. Or a necklace. Ever.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I use to be a very loyal blogger...not quite sure what happened, but now I need to catch up on 2 months worth of Helm family shananigan's!! Life is just busy. The girls are back in school, and with that comes violin, ballet, and skating. School activities, and church responsibilities seem to pick up as well. Hayden is 2 1/2 and turned in to a little stinker overnight, a cute stinker, but stinker nonetheless. Yes, life just gets busy. Here are some highlights over the past 2 months...hard to believe fall is here!!

Madeline celebrated the big 10!! She wanted a Twilight themed party with all her friends. It was a fun, and less than quiet evening! ;)

I have mixed feelings about our baby turning "double digits". It is an adjustment for sure....

Madeline loves all things Twilight, but mostly Edward!

I am grateful Madeline has good friends, with good morals!

Oh yeah, I have been doing A LOT of this lately as well....I average 3-4 orders a week, so my kitchen is almost always a wreck. I have really been enjoying myself though. It has been so nice to do something I really, really, love again!

Our girls keep things lively around here....
Labor Day weekend we drove up to Denver and went to a fun restaurant called Casa Bonita. It doesn't have the best food in town, but if you love Cliff Divers, waterfalls, scary caves, pinatas, and live entertainment than this is the place for you!
We also visited Tiny Town Train Park, it has a miniature village, and a train that goes through the park. The kids loved it!

Avery lost some teeth.

Hayden is a sweet boy (most of the time)

Madeline and her friend Abbie gave eachother makeover's.....gorgeous!

Tom and I celebrated 11 years of wedded bliss....truly.

I will try not to wait another 2 months for another update!!!