Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Candyless Halloween

That's right, there will be no consuming of candy this year (at least for me!)  My children will still stuff their little faces and end up with tummy aches like every other year, and I will rub it in, like every other year ;)

When I began this journey, the holidays really scared me.  Fall is ALL about eating!  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas - they all seem to circle around delicious (and not so good for you) food and I wasn't sure how I was going to handle the temptation this year.  We have already been to a couple Halloween parties, and I am happy to say I was quite content with my small bowl of chili or whatever other semi healthy option I could find.  The temptation to indulge will always be there, but I guess the difference now is my life no longer revolves around food, which is kind of amazing. Because it use to.  Like A LOT.  Fun = FOOD.  My mindset is different now.  Now FUN = LIVING.  It means being active, and being comfortable in my own skin, it means having enough energy to run around with my kids and having the confidence to try and experience new things and people.

I am excited to enter the holiday season with this new frame of mind.

This Christmas I am giving myself and my family the gift of a healthy mom, sister and wife.

I am down to 181 now.  21 pounds GONE since August and 32 pounds gone from my highest weight!

 SO excited to get in to the 170's..... :)  Bring it!!

These are one of the few pairs of jeans that actually still fit me.  All of my old jeans are now giving me that flattering gangsta crotch (how low can you go?!).  Time to go shopping soon!  I tried on my winter coat from last year that used to fit snugly, and I am now drowning in it.  Nice problems to have, I guess :)

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Lempskies said...

Good for you being so healthy! I bet you feel great.